Vendor List

  • American Models 
    Manufacturer of Flyer compatible and scale engines and rolling stock as well as code 148 flextrack. 
  • S Helper Service
    Manufacturer of Flyer compatible and scale engines and rolling stock as well as sectional track with roadbed.
  •  Artista 
    Manufacturer of Diecast Figures- S and O scale.
  •  Badger 
    Manufacturer of Air Brushes and accessories.
  •  Blue Mountain Hobbies 
    Coal and Gravel loads. 
  •  CDS 
    Manufacturer of dry transfers. 
  •  Classic Miniatures 
    Manufacturer of wood building kits. 
  •  Crown Models 
    Billboard Reefers.
  •  Dallee Electronics 
    Manufacturer of electronic accessories for model railroading, such as sound systems, train detectors, start'n'stop and point-to-point reversing controllers, and flasher and blinker modules.
  •  Digitrax 
    Digital Command Control systems.
  •  MMT Trains (formerly Downs Model Railroad) 
    Manufacturer of "S" freight cars, trucks and couplers.
  •  Dremel 
    Moto-Tool and Accessories. 
  •  Evergreen 
    Plastic sheets and shapes. 
  •  Floquil 
    Model Railroad Paint. 
  •  Gargraves 
    Flyer compatible "S" track and turnouts (switches) with wood ties. 
  •  General 
    Scale Rulers. 
  •  Grandt Line 
    "S" scale doors, windows, and misc. accessories. 
  •  Greenberg Publications 
    Books and Magazines. 
  •  Kadee 
    Couplers and un-couplers. 
  •  Kalmbach Publishing 
    Magazines and Books. 
  •  Kappler 
    "S" scale wood ties and lumber. 
  •  KLM Creations 
    Diecast figures in "S". 
  •  K & S Mfg. 
    Brass shapes and sheets. 
  •  Lehigh Valley 
    Building Kits. 
  •  Lemco 
    Slow Motion Switch Machines. 
  •  Lifelike 
  •  Midwest 
    Cork Roadbed. 
  •  Minitronics Corp 
    Neon Signs, lamps, leds, and switches.
  • NCE 
    Digital Command Control system. 
  •  NJI 
    Switch Machines. 
  •  Northeastern 
    Scale Lumber. 
  •  NWSL 
    Tools, Sagami motors and drives. 
  •  Old Pullman 
    Code 100 Crossings and Turnouts. 
  •  Pacific Rail Shops 
    Manufacturer of rolling stock in ready-to-run and easily assembled kit form. 
  •  Plastruct 
    Plastic Shapes and sheets. 
  •  Racing Champions 
    Diecast Vehicles. 
  •  Railmaster Imports 
    Pewter Vehicles. 
  •  Rick Johnson 
    Rubber Roadbed. 
  •  SoundTraxx 
    Sound Decoders. 
  •  Trains of Texas 
    Building Kits. 
  •  Triangle Scale Models 
    Die Cast parts. 
  •  Wangro 
    Digital Command Control system. 
  •  White Ground 
    Building Kits. 
  •  Woodland Scenics 
    Scenery and building materials. Trees, ground cover, figures. 
  •  Xacto 
    Hobby Knives and Tools.
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